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This site (tanograph) is an illustration material distribution site that can be used for free.

Terms of Service

* Terms of use may change without notice. Please note.
The materials distributed on this site can be used free of charge regardless of personal, corporate, commercial or non-commercial use.

However, use is refused in the following cases.
・ Use for purposes contrary to public order and morals
・ Use related to anti-social forces and illegal activities
・ Use of the material itself for the purpose of redistribution or sale as content / commodity
・ When judged to be inappropriate

About copyright

The copyright of the materials distributed on this site has not been waived.
All materials are copyrighted by oshugu.

About processing and redistribution

Processing of the materials distributed on this site is free. However, there is no transfer or transfer of copyright by processing.
Redistribution or sale of the material itself as content or merchandise is prohibited.

Use as an icon for SNS, etc.

No problem. Please use it freely.

About credit notation

Credit notation is not required, but if you can write it,
・ tanograph
・ Free material tanograph
Feel free to credit from this notation.

Troubles caused by using materials

This site cannot be held responsible for any troubles caused by using materials.

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Inquiries about materials, opinions and impressions on the contents, questions, etc. Or, please contact us using the inquiry form here.